International conference — «Russia and WTO. Risks and Opportunities»


Sergey V. Vodolagin (managing partner), Yegor Kravchenko (senior associate), Alexander Kostin (junior assosiate) took part in the international conference concerning the accession of the Russian Federation to WTO which was held in the High School of Economics.

Many renowned specialists were among the speakers of the conference — Maxim. Y. Medvedkov (Head of the Department of Trade Negotiations of the Ministry of Ecomic Development of the Russian Federation), Chiedu Osakwe (Head of the Department of WTO responsible for accession of the new members), Alexander S. Daniltsev (doctor of economics), Anatoliy S. Martynov (Head of the Center for Trade and Development) and other representatives of various businesses, lawyers and economists with expertise in the WTO matters.

The Conference addressed various issues regarding the accession of the Russian Federation to WTO: the impact of the WTO on agriculture business in Russia, changes concerning the manner of investment to different industries.

The hot topic of the Conference was the changes into the Russian legislation related to the accession of the Russian Federation to WTO.

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