Elena Vladimirovna Chirkova «The Financial Bubble Anatomy» (Moscow, Case 2010)


The book discusses the phenomenon of «financial bubbles» as a phenomenon of securities market.

Elena Vladimirovna Chirkova «The Financial Bubble Anatomy» (Moscow, Case 2010)

Unusual by its structure «The Financial Bubble anatomy» tells us in detail about the most renowned financial bubbles taking place from XVI century and up to date, and from Japan and Kuwait to the USA; the book provides psychological, sociological, economical review of this economic phenomenon. Historical facts are substantiated by extracts from literature works which cover the said phenomenon. Nevertheless the book remains a profound economic research. The books provides a comprehensive concept of the financial bubble, it describes the events which trigger financial bubble or special features which indicate the existence of financial bubble at the market, direct or indirect symptoms of financial bubble, perils of such events and its impact on industry.

This work has applied relevance and is recommended for capital market professionals. The facts provided in the book will mitigate the risk of investment in overvalued assets.

The language of the book is vivid, emotional and descriptive. Several events quoted in the book have never received proper coverage in Russia.

«Anatomy of the financial bubble» is recommended for students studying the economics, finance and history, professors and everyone interested in investment.