S. Vodolagin. Transition from State to Market Economy. The Russian Experiences with the protection of Private Property in the light of the European Property Protection Standards. In: Comparative Regional Integration. ASEAN and the EU. Bangkok, 2002


The article deals with the issues arising out due to the transition of Russia from the state governed economy to the market model of economy. In addition the article addresses the issue of protection of private property at the transitional period.

The article by Sergey Vladimirovitch Vodolagin deals with the issues arising in connection with the transition of Russian Federation from state economy to market economy. Special attention is paid to the protection of private property set forth by the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The Author believes the Convention plays a significantly important role at the transitional stage from state economy to market economy as the Convention sets forth common European standards of protection of private property.

The book is recommended for lawyers, economists, professors and students of faculties of law and for all those interested in the issues of protection of property rights under the European Convention.