Valentina Kovalenko

Patent attorney

Valentina Vasilievna Kovalenko has a degree in “Chemical technology of plastic mass” with a qualification of engineer-chemist-technologist, has completed Higher state courses of postgraduate education for managing staff, engineering technicians and scientists on the issues of patenting and inventions in the year 1979 as well as courses organized by the Central Institute of postgraduate education of managing staff and national economy specialists in the area of patent work with the specialization “Patenting” in 1986, with a qualification “Patent specialist” (second university degree). In the period from November 1992 till April 1993 she completed courses “Training of candidates for patent attorneys” in the Russian Institute of industrial property and innovations of the committee of patents and trade marks of the Russian Federation with a qualification of “Top class patent engineer”.

Since July 25, 1994 Valentina Vasilievna Kovalenko has been patent attorney of the Russian Federation without limitation of the types of activities (entered into the register of patent attorneys of the Russian Federation, registration number 226). Carries out activities on the legal protection of intellectual property assets and means of identification, protection of intellectual property rights, acquisition of exclusive rights to intellectual property assets and means of identification, disposal thereof. Being engaged in the area of intellectual property she prepared more than 700 applications for patent granting in various areas of science and technology. Every year she improves her professional skills in the area of intellectual property in Russia and abroad.