Corporate law (M&A)

Westside has accumulated exceptional experience in the sphere of legal support for merger and acquisition transactions (purchase/sale of businesses) including structures in several jurisdictions.

With the aid of our colleagues from The Law Firm Network we have the ability to form a team of professionals for each project who will work as a unit and be able to provide a service which is of a high international standard.

The firm’s partners have represented their clients’ interests in commercial negotiations with contracting parties for sale or acquisition of businesses, achieving the best possible price and payment arrangements for a transaction.

Services offered:

  • Carrying out legal due diligence for assets to be sold or acquired;
  • Highlighting transaction legal risks and proposing suggestions for their mitigation;
  • Legal structuring for M&A transactions;
  • Drafting of M&A transaction documents including: letters of intent, exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, agreements for the purchase and sale of shares and assets, conditions of escrow agreements, agreements on a party’s post-closing obligations etc;
  • Organisation of payment between parties. Creating payment infrastructure and aiding clients to open overseas bank accounts;
  • Follow-up support for investment;
  • Incorporation of legal entities of various types (commercial and non-commercial);
  • Incorporation of legal entities for international business in the majority of offshore jurisdictions and jurisdictions with low tax burden;
  • Preparation of corporate documents of legal entities;
  • Arrangement and holding general meetings of shareholders, drafting all documents, in particular, when a corporate conflict takes place;
  • Corporate management;
  • Assistance to shareholders in obtaining effective control over the business;
  • Provision of legal defense against non-amicable mergers to companies;
  • Preparation of shareholders’ agreements, giving recommendations regarding choice of jurisdiction for the purposes of shareholders’ relationships regulation;
  • Legal support of reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy of legal entities.