Corporate Finance

Apart from legal services Westside offers the clients services in the scope of finance consulting, in particular, services on determination of the business real value and financial modeling.

In the present section we offer the list of services provided by the firm within the financial consulting of the client.

Services offered:

  • Elaboration of a business plan for the most effective business development possible (At the same time a business plan is the main document provided to a credit institution for the purposes of financing);
  • Services for search and selection of investors for the financing of project for business creation/development according to a business plan;
  • Services for business valuation;
  • Estimation of business acquisition proposals. Proposal of a fair price for business acquisition;
  • Determination of a real price of business when selling the business;
  • Estimation of risks included into the business acquisition price;
  • Participation in negotiations in the capacity of independent financial advisor. Representation of the client’s interests in negotiations;
  • Search and selection of appropriate business for acquisition in case the client intends to invest into a certain economic sector;
  • Estimation of economic consequences of a company acquisition. Making proposals for maximizing profits from such acquisition.