Totals of the 10th Pravo -300 Rating of the Russian law firms


The Pravo-300 Rating provides guidance for legal services world for several years already.

The 10th Pravo-300 Rating of the Russian law firms was announced on the 5th December 2019.

This year Westside Law Firm is rated in 5 categories, namely:

  • II group in in dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction;
  • II group in labour and migration law practice;
  • II group in private banking;
  • II group in compliance practice;
  • IV group in arbitration proceedings (Mid-market).

Every year this rating is rapidly developing. Today, it is the major annual event in the world of law services, and the best of the best rewarding ceremony is a pleasant bonus.

You can find the detailed information about the totals of the 10th Pravo-300 Rating at: