Article by Elena Chirkova in the «Kommersant Den’gi» Magazine [Kommersant Finance]


An article by Elena Chirkova «A usurer as the moving power of the progress» was published in the «Commersant Den’gi» Magazine [Commersant Finance].

In this article the author deals with the issue whether our understanding of a usurer as a ruthless person fits with historical evidence.

Relying on the historical evidence, the author points out that the usurers were persecuted by the unfaithful debtors who tried to deprive them of life and property by using their power and might. For example the author mentions that inability of the local authorities the repay the loans resulted in the deportation of the Jews from Spain.

The speculations of the author are substantiated by extensive quotations from classical literature: «The Divine Comedy» by Dante, «Ivanhoe», by Walter Scott and «The Merchant of Venice» by Shakespeare.

The Article is recommended for those interested in finance, history and classical literature.

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