New article by Elena Chirkova in magazine «Kommersant-den'gi»


An article by Elena Chirkova dealing with analysis of the Chekhov ‘s play «Vishneviy Sad» [Cherry Orchard] was published in the magazine «Kommersant-Dengi» [Kommersant-Finance].

Elena Chirkova’ s interpretation of the of the plot differs much from the conventional understanding of the play in the school textbook and by the drama critic as the author perceives the actiions of the character through the economical prism.

The main plot of the play deals with the sale of Ranevskaya ‘s estate and this fact leaves a field for discussion whether such sale was profitable and how could the characters have avoided the sale of the estate.

The economic analysis of the sale of Ranveskaya ‘s estate is based on the three classical methods of asset assessment — cash flow method, market price method (comparative method/ method of comparison by analogy), and the liquidation value method.

The Elena Chirkova ‘s article is intended for economists, everyone interested in economic issues and admirers of Checkhov ‘s books.