Westside Advisors lawfirm participated in the exhibition-forum MIPIM 2012 in Cannes (France)


The MIPIM 2012 took place from 06 March - to 09 March in the exhibition hall «Palais de Festivales» (Festival Palace) in Cannes (France).

The exhibition forum consisted of numerous events related to development of real-estate sector. One of the most remarkable events of theMIPIM 2012 was the 16-th Russian Breakfast. The aim of the 16-th Russian Breakfast as declared by the hosts of the exhibition was representation of the views of investment companies on real estate market in Russia. The public event was visited by an outstanding number of participants- more than 3000 representatives of investment, development and consulting companies were present at the 16-th Russian Breakfast.

Key players in the real estate market such as «Renaissance Capital», «01 Properties». «RosEvroDevelopment» were present at the session as well as many other companies related to the real-estate market. The new assets in the real-estate market and financing for investment projects were the subject matter of the Conference.

Legal advice on real estate transactions is the core activity of Westside Advisors lawfirm. Therefore Westside Advisors has a long experience in participation in MIPIM 2012. Lawyers of Westside took active part in the conference.