Westside provides services for complex support of bankruptcy proceedings on all stages.

The firm’s lawyers have taken part in bankruptcy proceedings’ support on the part of creditors and debtors as well as arbitration managers. The firm’s specialists have supported bankruptcy proceedings in various state entities of the Russian Federation assisting creditors in discharging their claims to the greatest possible extent and helping debtors to protect themselves from unfair creditors’ claims.

Services offered:

  • Legal evaluation of the grounds for applying to court to declare a counterpart/debtor bankrupt;
  • Legal support of bankruptcy proceedings, in particular, in respect of particular categories of debtors: real estate developers, agricultural organizations, credit institutions, debtors being in the process of winding up;
  • Preparation and filing creditors’ claims as well as objections against such claims;
  • Challenging the debtor’s suspicious transactions;
  • Recovering of illegally transferred assets;
  • Collecting of receivables;
  • Arranging and holding of creditors’ meetings;
  • Inventory accounting of the debtor’s assets;
  • Arranging and holding of tenders for the sale of assets, which are sold within bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Prosecution of the debtor’s chief executive officer in case of fictitious or premeditated bankruptcy as well as in case of failure to file a petition in bankruptcy of the debtor;
  • Bringing of the persons having control over the debtor to subsidiary liability;
  • Other services.
Having partners in more than 40 jurisdictions enables “Westside” to provide services in the scope of cross-border bankruptcy.